The Journey So Far

It was just over a year ago that I completed the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) course at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDs). It was a journey that I began in 2011. I remember when I began, I didn’t really think that I’d complete the thesis.

However, as time went on, I developed an interest. I have been the Lead Pastor at Toongabbie Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia since 2007. The Lord blessed us with reaching more people for some time, and I was eager to learn. I enrolled in the course to learn about ministry, and to expose myself to the best that I could within the Reformed Evangelical tradition.

And it was at about the same time that our church seemed to hit growth barriers. I didn’t even understand what they were at the time. It seemed clear enough that, if we were to reach more people with the magnificent Gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection, that I wanted to understand as much as I could about this field that is sometimes called “Church Growth”.

It wasn’t long before I developed a particular interest – namely the issues surrounding the so called “200 barrier.” Most of the available literature was American. And I wanted to understand the issues pertaining to an Australian context, and in particular those that may pertain to the peculiarities of my own denomination. And so the concept was born: “Why do Sydney Anglican Churches struggle to grow beyond 200?”

It was a fascinating journey, and I quickly realised that the Lord had blessed me by giving me such an opportunity. The thesis was completed in November 2016.

The Journey Ahead

Before too long a number of people encouraged me to spread my learnings for the benefit of others and ultimately, the benefit of the kingdom of God. And so now, after some break, I realise that the journey continues – or perhaps it just begins.

In the same way that God gives us a knowledge of himself for a purpose (godliness), I now want to set up this blog to take the unique opportunities that the Lord has given me, and seek to benefit churches and Christians as we seek to reach more people for the kingdom of God, under God.