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Month October 2018

Sydney Anglican Synod: Where is the Diocese on the Lifecycle Model?

Last week, I began a diagnostic survey to attempt to give some idea as to where the Sydney Anglican Diocese is up to on the church lifecycle model. Our conclusion is that the Diocese is in the vicinity of Retirement… Continue Reading →

Einstein and Insanity

Apologies to those outside the Sydney Anglican World. Last night was the presentation and passing of the Sydney Anglican Diocese budget for the next 3 years (a total of some $6m of income). Please contribute to our survey to see where… Continue Reading →

Sydney Anglican Synod – Day 1

The first day of the Sydney Anglcian Synod is always a day to look forward to (maybe I am just weird). It is great to come together with colleagues, friends and aquaintences from across the city, who share the Lordship… Continue Reading →

Synod Preview

Today, the Sydney Anglican Synod begins. It is my intention to provide a brief blog each day. Don’t forget to contribute to our survey to see where the Diocese sits on the church lifececyle model. When one looks at the… Continue Reading →

Where is the Sydney Anglican Diocese on the Lifecycle model?

Where is the Sydney Anglican Diocese on the Lifecycle model? Complete a short survey and let’s see what we find!

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