Where is the Sydney Anglican Diocese on the Lifecycle model?


In my last post, I spoke about the Church Lifecycle model. The model can be applied to local churches. Variations are also used by corporate strategists to understand organisational development. Aspects can also be applied to individuals.

The Sydney Anglican Synod in Action

With the Sydney Anglican Synod starting, I thought I would conduct a diagnostic survey to see where the Diocese as a whole might be on the Lifecycle model. It is simple.

  1. Spend only a couple of minutes answering just 5 questions in this survey.
  2. Circulate the link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YHND6V2) to those you know who are part of the Diocese in some way, and in particular, synod members.
  3. I will keep the survey open for the first week of synod, and then report on the findings prior to the commencement of the second week.

Click here to start Survey

This year, it is also my intention to do brief blogs for each day of the synod. There are many issues on the agenda this year. One thing to watch will be, in the light of the extremely concerning mission update last year, is where the energy of synod will be this year.

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