The first day of the Sydney Anglcian Synod is always a day to look forward to (maybe I am just weird). It is great to come together with colleagues, friends and aquaintences from across the city, who share the Lordship of Jesus together and want to work together to see our city won for the Christ.

The Presidential Address characterises the first day of synod. The Archbishop’s full address is here. He focussed on the importance of the GAFCON movement, with the need to prach Christ faithfully to the nations; an exhortation for us to be the salt and light of the world;  the issues of religious freedom; and he shared his views on the need and importance of the Diocese of Sydney assisting the Diocese of Bathurst.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity early on in proceedings to celebrate God’s work through the “Jesus Is ….” campiagn in Wollongong. Such evangelism is, and needs to be, at the forefront of all that we do. We need to try new things, continually innovating without compromising the Gospel (as we heard so well at the ACL dinner this year – thanks Phil Colgan), and even if success is not guaranteed.

The evening session was dominated with the synod considering, and passing, the Bathurst proposal. Given the “turbulence” behind the scenes and demonstrated through questions, it was more than a little surprising that no one spoke against the in principle motion.

Today commences Day 2 – with a jam packed agenda, including the Budget Bills.